Regression Testing, the Lazy Way

Regression testing is a simple (and wonderful) idea. The idea is that once you have working software, you should easily be able to ensure it keeps working after further changes are made. This is achieved by constructing a set of tests along with their known-correct outputs, and then re-running these tests after any modifications to ensure the known-correct outputs are still obtained.

Howdy Pierce

Understanding Code You Didn’t Write

I’ve been thinking recently about skills I wish were taught better in computer science curricula. (Previously I discussed the ability to write.) Here’s another skill that we often need: The ability to quickly understand code you didn’t write. As open source is used more and more, we increasingly ask engineers to drop into a large…


Five Questions With Howdy Pierce

Howdy was interviewed in the Boulder Daily Camera today: Cardinal Peak specializes in developing embedded devices, mobile and set-top applications and digital video products for original equipment manufacturers. What type of competition is your firm facing? In our field, of course the big trend in the last 10 years is offshore outsourcing. … So for…

Bernard Vachon

With TI, Hard Is Good

Texas Instruments DaVinci™ series offers a range of processors optimized for digital video processing. Although not appropriate for broadcast video, they are well suited for a number of other video applications. TI offers evaluation modules (EVMs), software development kits (SDKs) and reference DVR design kits (RDKs) that allow a company to jumpstart its development effort.…