Internet of Things Testing Challenges and Considerations Successful IoT testing ensures an optimal user experience, as well as efficient product design. Our expert engineer shares IoT testing challenges and considerations for connected devices, including hardware, software, security and cloud.
Efficiency in Connected Device and IoT Testing With the rise of connected devices, IoT testing has taken on increased importance. Our expert test engineer gives a real-world example of how to efficiently test IoT products, including augmenting manual testing by leveraging technology.
Migrating from an IoT Platform to Bring Tech In-House While an end-to-end IoT solution provider is often the fastest path to market, such solutions force IoT devices to be coupled to the external dependencies of a single provider. Our expert engineer highlights how tapping the expertise of a contract engineering company can decrease time to market without increasing staff during migration.
Improving Design with Development Printed Circuit Boards How is the software in my smart thermostat developed? In the worst-case scenario, deadlines, cost and competitive products force electrical engineers to shrink the printed circuit board (PCB) to fit within a predefined package. These postage stamp-sized boards bring a multitude of challenges for development. Learn how development printed circuit boards can help while reducing cost.
How to Select the Best ANC Solution for Your Product With a growing list of use cases calling for active noise cancellation technology, selecting the right solution for your product can be a challenge. Our expert engineer delves into the different ANC options and how to determine which option is best, as well as tips, tricks and best practices for implementing ANC into products.
Q&A With QA — Why Cardinal Peak Implements QA at Every Step: Part II At Cardinal Peak, quality assurance is of utmost importance. Our QA team works continuously through every project to reduce uncertainty and ensure your product gets to market.
Q&A With QA — Why Cardinal Peak Implements QA at Every Step: Part I Why is quality assurance so important? At Cardinal Peak, we engineer quality testing into each step of the engineering process to reduce uncertainty and ensure your product gets to market.
Using A2B in Conferencing, Live Performance, Control Systems and More From conference rooms and control systems to stage band applications, this post discusses numerous potential new use cases for Analog Device’s Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B) digital audio bus technology that extend the technology beyond use in automotive applications.
What is Analog Devices’ Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) and how is it used? Delving into how the A2B audio bus technology works, this post highlights the technology’s advantages and its use in automotive applications.
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